Day 6: My first termite sighting!

This morning, we went on another hike in search of howler monkeys.  We didn’t see any howlers, but instead we happened across a group of spider monkeys and coatis!  The coatis were much higher in the trees than I was expecting them to be, and they were jumping from tree to tree and crashing through the canopy.  Also, I saw my first termite today!  Stephanie brought me a box full from a hike yesterday.  They had black, spherical heads and appeared to be Constrictotermes cavifrons.


After breakfast, we finished up our project from yesterday and presented our results.  We spent the rest of the day listening to presentations and taxon briefings.  After dinner, we talked with a woman in grad school who has spent the year doing research at Las Cuevas.  She had some incredible stories and I would love to be in her shoes someday.

Next, we went on a night hike.  We found some termites (possibly Heterotermes tenius) in a decomposing log.  We also saw a spider several inches tall, and a stick bug the length of my forearm.  On our way back, we saw a coral snake! Tomorrow, we will head back out on the 13-mile trek to collect our camera traps.  This place is already starting to feel like home, and I’m disappointed we’re leaving so soon.

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