This was the face I made when I saw the shark. I was so excited that I smiled so hard and let water into my mouth. Also this face is disgusting but shows my joy

I SAW A SHARK. I SAW A SHARK. I SAW A SHARK. I SAW A SHARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So yeah, that happened today, highlight of my life.

AREN’T I PHOTOGENIC?? My reaction to holding the sharpest of the urchins, the Diadema antillarum

Today we compared the data we have been collected between the marine protected area (MPA) and non-protected area patch reefs. Using various methods and just observations it became clear that the MPS was healthier in regards to urchin abundance, less algae, and from out observations it looked healthier with more abundant corals.

Caribbean spiny lobster found at non-MPA site under coral cover

While doing these investigations today, I saw a Caribbean Spiny Lobster hiding under a coral reef around 11 AM probably because they are nocturnal. It was easily found because of its large antennas sticking out of the crevice that alerted me to it.

I am pretty sick of of land hermit crabs and blue land crabs by now. They are everywhere. I am started to map out their general locations because I have realized that they tend to stay in patches. So far, I have noticed that the blue hermit crabs like to be in grassier areas especially behind the showers while the land hermit crabs dominate a certain trail that heads off of the main path.

I am tired, I am itchy, but I am happy because this has been such a unique experience so far.

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