Splish Splash, Jordan’s Face Goes Crash (Day 7)

Today was our last day on Middle Caye, so we spent most of it just enjoying ourselves and the reef.

We snorkeled in three different sites in the morning without having  to wield any quadrats or slates. The first site in the channel was amazing, but unfortunately my camera died about ten minutes after we started diving. I saw two species of bubble algae in the aquarium site. Highlights that I couldn’t photograph ( 🙁 ) included a flounder, a Pufferfish, a Queen Angelfish, a Scrawled Filefish, a Yellow Stingray, and a Spotted Eagle Ray.

A Scrawled Filefish (photo credit: Alessi)

I also saw a Gray Angelfish and a lot of Spotlight Parrotfish that I had fun chasing around for photographs.

A big Gray Angelfish.
A Stoplight Parrotfish.

After we finished on the reef, we measured and dissected the lionfish that Scott and Javier had speared this past week, and we inspected their stomach contents. I don’t like dissecting, so luckily Buck, Adolfo, and Therese were all into doing it.

Scott Solomon spearing a Lionfish.

To end today, we took the boat over to the Marisol Resort and enjoyed the advantages of being in a foreign country. So we could leave a shirt on the wall, Alessi bought one off a fisherman’s back. It was a great way to end the marine portion of our trip and to learn more about Adrienne’s true opinions before she leaves us with Turf and Turiez.

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