Day 7- Darth Vader is a Girl

Yellow line arrow crab!

So today we went snorkeling for the whole morning and I finally saw the coolest crab that I’ve been dying to see.  I saw the yellow line arrow crab which looks like a spider with a top hat and gloves on and I love it.  He was missing a pincer and was a little feisty and resistant to being grabbed but it was still cool.


I also saw 4 sharks!!!! I think my life has peaked… Also saw a spotted sun eel which was cool but sharks are better.

In the afternoon we dissected lionfishes that Scott and Javier caught.  I named mine Darth Vader so I wouldn’t feel about cutting it up.  Turns out Darth Vader is an infertile juvenile female, but Darth still tastes great as ceviche!

This was out last day at Middle Caye in Glovers Reef Atoll.  This was the most fun day we’ve had by far and I don’t want to leave, but I am excited for the rainforest.  I want to see some cool birds, but hopefully I can identify them… there are a whole lot of birds so we will see.

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