No Beetles In Sight

May 14, 2019

We have reached the end of our first day in Belize, and I have yet to spot any beetles (order: Coleoptera). This is likely because we haven’t spent much time outdoors yet. Much of our day was spent on a plane or in a van, so I didn’t have much time for beetle-watching.

However, as I was walking around Crystal Paradise Ecolodge this evening, I found a nest of what I believe to be wasps (as opposed to bees). Though these aren’t members of my assigned taxon, I’ll insert a photo, as we don’t have a bee and wasp expert on our trip, and I think these insects deserve some attention, too.

This nest is a pretty incredible work of architecture, and I was surprised to find it in a bush, rather than in a tree or on a building. I had originally been scanning the bushes in hopes of finding a beetle resting on a leaf, but this was a pretty cool find, too.

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