5/28/19 Take Me Home, Belizean Roads


If there exists a vehicle, we travelled on it today. We left Middle Caye around 5:30am for a 3 hour boat ride, then took a van to the airport, then took a plane back to Houston, then took a bus back to Rice, then cars back to our various homes (okay so we didn’t ride a train or a bike or moped or whatever other vehicle you might be thinking of right now…I was exaggerating for effect).

I don’t even really know what to say about today. The airport was really small and we got to walk out onto the tarmac to board our flight. On the plane I sat next to Kaela and Brendan. We watched Aquaman. For most of the movie I was looking at all the fantastical creatures and thinking how they almost look like real sea creatures but wrong, then trying to sort them into taxa based on morphological features. Also, the flight attendants came on the PA at basically every critical moment and paused the movie (luckily I found this to be hysterical).

Brendan, Kaela, and I in a “chaotic” row…the last picture I took in Belize

The first thing I did when I got home was shower, then did laundry. I didn’t eat dinner, just went to bed after a long day. Still trying to decide how I feel about being home, and about this whole trip in general, but I’m just a little too tired at the moment.


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