Day 15: The city is too… city

We woke up before 5 to meet, with bags packed, at the dining building. Breakfast was a cinnamon roll for most, but since that contains milk and I have an allergy, mine was fresh papaya. The mood was subdued; in part, it was 5 in the morning. In addition, we were worn out and ready to be back home. We took a calmer three hour boat ride back to the coast, then took a van to the airport.

We had time at the airport to buy souvenirs. Some of the popular ones included Marie Sharp’s brand jam, of various tropical flavors, and Belizean hot sauce. A couple of the hot sauce names were No Wimps Allowed and BEWARE. They also sold Mayan carvings and weavings, some at pretty steep prices. The prices were a mix of Belizean dollars and US dollars; a US dollar is worth twice that of a Belize dollar.

Marie Sharp’s Jam from the airport

The plane was a bit delayed, but not so much I think that the three connecting flights were too much of a problem. Once we got to the Houston airport (IAH), we had to say goodbye to the three students who were catching connecting flights to go home. Since three of the students on the trip were from Vanderbilt and Baylor, respectively, there is a good chance we may never see each other again. After two weeks in close quarters, we got to know each other pretty well, and it was sad to see everyone depart. Although, I will say that by the end of two weeks in such close quarters, with everyone exhausted and itching, we were beginning to step on each other’s toes a bit.

The rest of us took a bus back to Rice. The city was a bit of a shock after the island and the forest—so noisy, rushed, and concrete! Despite a packed schedule, there were fewer worries in the jungle than in the city.

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